Search Conversion Optimization

Search Conversion Optimization is the process of improving your conversion ratios by optimizing various steps in the search funnel and conversion path without additional spending on advertising.  We utilize Google Analytics data from both SEO and Google Ads to optimize search conversion.

This process of improving conversion from organic or PPC searches is available to anyone who subscribes to both of our premium SEO and AdWords packages.

Google Search Conversion Optimization

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Will You Pass the 15 Second Test

Website users today will on average give you up to 15 seconds to make an impression before they bounce off and visit the next website on the Google search results.

Our goal is to help you make your site as relevant, intuitive and engaging as possible so you’ll pass the 15 second test.  This is one of the main reasons why search marketing fails or becomes cost prohibitive.  By ensuring your website has an intuitive navigational structure, relevant landing pages, engaging content, and call-to-action, your conversion will improve dramatically.

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